Sunday, February 28, 2010

confessions of a fast driver

i like to drive fast. sigh.... there i've said it. i like to drive fast!

i've said it before.... i'm sure i'll say it again. i don't believe there's anything wrong with it either. i believe i was born to drive fast. it's not that i'm in a particular hurry to get things done or in a hurry to get anywhere really fast either. i just like to drive fast.

and the thing is, when the speed limit on the road is 65, i like to drive said speed of
65! not 60 or 55 or even 64....but 65. oh, alright..... i confess! if i'm going to be fully honest and tell the whole truth here, i even push it and sometimes drive slightly over the 65. i just can't help myself. this doesn't pertain only to 65, it's whatever the posted speed limit is on the road. i want to drive whatever that speed is no less. otherwise, what's the point?

when i get behind the wheel, i love the feel of the car. gripping the steering wheel. the snugness of the seat belt. getting everything adjusted just so. making sure the mirrors are perfect. angling the vents. pulling the seat forward. it's all like a gentle caress ensuring it fits the contours of my body like a glove.

and once prepared, turning the engine over, putting her into gear and heading out. the way the road zips by. how the tires hug the curves. the sound of the wind, the power and control with the steering wheel in your hands.

i've always wanted to put on a helmet and jumpsuit and experience the indy 500. the zooming of what going over 200 mph must feel like. whew baby.... race car driving. doesn't that sound like a dream?

so then when i'm on the highway and limited to rules, i want to push them. but mark my words, i am a safe driver. i have never had a ticket and i obey all the rules of the road as i am supposed to even though i don't necessarily like to. however, i tend to remain in the far left hand lane as much as possible passing other vehicles one by one, ticking 'em off like lint....worthless.

it would be so much better if a sign like this one would greet me on the road. it would allow me to gauge my own speed all the time and make a determination of safety. how perfect would that be?

i like the idea....i like the concept.

happy day.....

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