Thursday, April 29, 2010

vivid pattern

colors..... patterns..... textures..... vibrant..... vivid..... bright.....

hand woven fabric that lights up a room. a piece of textile so rich in its look, it's yummy.

nubbiness that creates a wonderfully raised effect.

shades of color blending so extraordinarily well together.

how glorious.

happy day.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


what does it take to be creative? imagination? innovation? awesome thinking? an artistic brain?

are you creative? do you think you take things to the next level when it comes to being able to remain outside the box? would you classify yourself as an idea person? cutting-edge? do you have the ability to come up with new visions and set them in motion?

can we take something ordinary and create out of it something extraordinary? do we have such an ability to come up with something from nothing? or what some of us would think is nothing?

i have had fun finding little snippets lately of individuals who fall into this category. creative individuals. those who have the ability to find something in the ordinary that i give only a passing glance to. but then i see and hear what they have done, and wonder at it. and am in awe... be in awe with me.

happy day.....

Monday, April 26, 2010


i now believe that glasses are a wonderful thing.

but i remember a time when i thought not. when i was a little girl, i never wanted to wear glasses. you were called names like four eyes and made fun of all the time. i thought it was a sign of geekiness and i had plenty of other things going on without having to put up with glasses.

blessedly, through my childhood and most of my adult life i had perfect vision. colors were crisp. i was able to see things near. i could see things far away without straining. depth perception was great. no blurring. no squinting. no problems. life with my sight was good....i was a happy camper.

then slowly, over time i began to notice that all the crispness was wearing away. colors were getting dull. street signs weren't as clear anymore. i was getting headaches. uh-oh....could there be trouble?

friends had always said, "wait until you hit the age of 40." like there was something magic with that number. there was a curse associated with the age factor. i didn't believe it. just couldn't. but i was approaching that age. i must do something before the dreaded day hit to prove there was no truth to the matter.

i walked away from the clinic a new woman. with a spiffy pair of glasses i swore i'd never need but a new lease on life. clarity i didn't realize i'd been missing. colors bright and blazing again. sharp, crisp, focused. i was doing the dance of joy and not looking back. the only thing i was interested in was how fashionable my lenses were.

and now.....many years later, i am grateful for the technology that continues to allow me to see better every day when i put my glasses on to drive or watch a movie. if that makes me geeky, i say...

happy day.....

Friday, April 23, 2010


do you remember daydreaming? i do. in fact, i still daydream. when i was a kid, i'd sometimes find an escape in daydreams.

i'd find my mind wandering.... i'd be thinking about one thing and then another and suddenly i'd be caught up in some fantasy land of a wonder dream. it would happen at school... on a walk... at home... with friends... while reading a book. anytime i could get caught up...

not that it was a bad thing. i liked to think it was a sign of creativity. artistry. beauty. originality. intelligence. an ability to be innovative. it meant my future would be filled with big and wonderful opportunities.

as i've grown into an adult, my mind still drifts into daydream lands.....

happy day.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day

go green. it's simple really. do little things every day. baby steps. it doesn't have to be big. one thing at a time....over time....can make a huge save our planet.

change light bulbs. recycle. use paper. turn off the lights. everyone can do it. big people. little people. even dogs can do it. i found this video about a pug going's cute and fun, but shows just how easy it can be.

happy day.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

skateboarding fun

sometimes you see something and although it may not be anything you ever done before, you get an inkling to perhaps give it a try. it looks interesting. looks fun. kind of exciting. maybe risky. you wonder what it would be like. should you go for it? it's so out of your comfort zone. so different. what would people think?

i thought all those things when i saw this little video. skateboarding has become an "in" thing of late. it's even made it into the olympics. have you done it? it does make your pulse go up just a little when you see the kind of tricks that are done but there is also a certain kind of freedom attached when someone steps onto that piece of "board." take a look...

happy day.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

be kind

have you wondered how you're living your life? are you proud of it? is it something to be worthy of? do you live by a certain motto? or a code? do you think, "will anyone remember me?" i like to believe i am special and of course i will be remembered.

but it is not always for the big things we do. it is the little things.... the out of the way things.... the unexpected things.... the things that would otherwise go unnoticed. the kind things. this little video wraps it up quite nicely.

happy day.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

making a difference

do you ever wonder if you can make a difference? a difference in the world? in someones life? for a moment? for forever? well you can! these individuals did. by their actions. in a seemingly small way that turned into something very big.

watch this video. you will be amazed. hopefully inspired. moved into action to make a difference in your small part of the world in some way.

and even if you're not, still watch in wonder as these guys managed to make a huge impact in so short a time. it gave me goosebumps....i was cheering for them before it ended!

Astoria Scum River Bridge from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

happy day.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

infomercials these are not my abs.....i wish! aren't they somethin'? they could be mine if i'd be willing to invest some time.

you see, since i had surgery several weeks ago, sleep has become a precious commodity lately and i find myself doing some night time surfing on the television.

mostly what i have found is infomercials when it is really late. and not just any infomercial. infomercials for abs. on almost every other channel. there is every conceivable kind of ab exercise you can imagine. ones done on your back, on your knees, twisting, pulling, using force, using no force, using bands, using no effort, sweating, no sweat, belts wrapped around your waist. you name it, it's been developed or a different variation of the same kinds. it's remarkable.

you can get these programs and machines for every cost imaginable, too. high costs, low costs. and if you buy now, you'll get special bonuses. there are counters on the screen so you don't miss out on the minutes remaining to call in. web sites are given if you want to log in instead to take advantage of the special offers within the allotted time.

i have watched in fascination, wondering how many people actually get sucked in and purchase these gizmo's believing they will work. looking at the incredible before and after photos like the one above and wanting that to be them so badly they'll spend anything for it to be so.

there was even one program, a boot camp program that had people working their abs in pools of sweat....yuk! i think it was called insanity. doesn't that say it all? insanity!

happy day.....

Monday, April 12, 2010

strawberry fever

A Very Little Warrior - 720p version from gombabacsi on Vimeo.

watching this just makes you crave spring time; warm weather, fresh fruit, vegetables, eating, picnics, wandering through forests and playing like little kids all over again.... thank goodness it's here. enjoy!

happy day.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

ice cream confessions

doesn't everybody love ice cream? is it typically considered a desert? or a treat? a food product that should be eaten at the end of a meal... traditionally? does it matter?

i would argue not! why? well....because, i must confess.... i sometimes have it for breakfast. yes, you heard that correctly. breakfast. the first meal of the day. is that right? wrong? who's to say? what do you think? do you do it, too? is it nutritious? again, who's to say? it does contain dairy. yay! so i eat it for breakfast, as a lunch replacement if i want. whatever. i eat it with abandon....without restriction....with freedom....while doing the dance of joy!

life is too short, is my motto when it comes to ice cream and lately there are a lot of variety's to try. the handy thing these days is that you can buy smaller containers allowing for the opportunity to taste test without investing in a big batch. fun.

in the case of the
ice cream i have pictured above - which by the way, has become one of my faves thanks to my mom - it also has daily amounts of nuts, antioxidants and just a touch of sweetness. oh okay, who am i kidding....more than a touch of sweetness. but it is the full fat, real cream stuff. the kind where i can only eat a small amount at a time and be totally satisfied. it's a wow....yum, moment!

for those days when i feel like i want to have something that's a little more figure friendly but still totally yummy, i have discovered
the skinny cow. so good are these truffle bars it's difficult to eat just one.

i don't really have to trick my brain into thinking these are not full fat because they taste so great. i like that about them and that's what will always be nice about having them on hand in the freezer....

whether for desert, a treat or for those breakfast moments.

happy day.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for the love of books

i love to read. i grew up on books. nancy drew. the hardy boys. the bobbsey twins. agatha christie. charles dickens. sometimes you could find me with a book in hand hiding out when i should've been doing chores.

my love of reading and books has not diminished over the years. i can spend hours being consumed by the written word; getting lost in the world that is brought to life before me.

i don't quite know how many books i currently own. 10. 20. 50. a lot! so many i think i have enough but then i hear about another one that sounds interesting & believe it should be read as well, so i add it to the collection. i cannot be consider i might be missing out on some creative genius or wisdom or knowledge or nugget that could be mine.... it's inconceivable.

they are all mainly consolidated in one room of the house....stacked in piles now because the bookcases are all full. i get to them one after the other and then box them up to donate them so someone else can have an opportunity to experience their enjoyment; obtain the richness of the word, the bounty they have to offer.

happy day.....

Monday, April 5, 2010

sound of music...

if you enjoyed the sound of music, you will love this clip. it's genius; toe tapping, fun and captivating. the response of the surrounding people is priceless. i wish i'd been there, but instead i find myself watching it over and over.

happy day.....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

on the 3rd day...

he was crucified. died.... and was buried. he paid the ultimate price for our sins, thus purchasing for all who believe in him eternal life in christ jesus. glory be!

on the 3rd day.... he rose again and lived. true love for us... from him... forever...

happy day.....

Saturday, April 3, 2010


how do you feel about naps? do you take them? do you think it's okay for others to take them? or are they only designated for those under the age of 5?

or are naps for animals other than know, our beloved furry friends? like my lovely gracie... shown here enjoying a grand afternoon nap just the other day.

i am a firm believer in naps. i think they are utterly important for all of us no matter our age or status; big, little, old, young, rich, poor. naps help us in getting refreshed, give us a boost mid-day, a pick-me-up if we feel like we're dragging. they can assist in healing our bodies if we've been sick, provide 10 minutes of instant energy before that test, or prepare us for a long night ahead.

i remember my nap mat in kindergarten. i remember my kindergarten teacher, too. is it because those naps recharged my brain cells leaving me with fond memories i might not otherwise have all these years later? hmmmmmm......

happy day.....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

desert chief

have you ever been to the desert? it is dry, barren, dusty, hot. but also beautiful with plants not normally seen in urban areas. filled with colors not ordinarily observed.

little creatures skittering hither and yon.... i can be fascinated by these little critters whereas if i saw them in my house, probably not so much. but in their own environment, very cool and awesome.

then suddenly before you rising out of the earth....stone formations. big, powerful, red, hovering, standing watch. like this one. i thought he looked like a chief. all knowing, guarding....

happy day.....