Saturday, April 3, 2010


how do you feel about naps? do you take them? do you think it's okay for others to take them? or are they only designated for those under the age of 5?

or are naps for animals other than know, our beloved furry friends? like my lovely gracie... shown here enjoying a grand afternoon nap just the other day.

i am a firm believer in naps. i think they are utterly important for all of us no matter our age or status; big, little, old, young, rich, poor. naps help us in getting refreshed, give us a boost mid-day, a pick-me-up if we feel like we're dragging. they can assist in healing our bodies if we've been sick, provide 10 minutes of instant energy before that test, or prepare us for a long night ahead.

i remember my nap mat in kindergarten. i remember my kindergarten teacher, too. is it because those naps recharged my brain cells leaving me with fond memories i might not otherwise have all these years later? hmmmmmm......

happy day.....

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