Friday, February 25, 2011

duck yoga

i've always been fascinated by yoga... the concept - the ability of others to manipulate their bodies into those ridiculous positions...  stating how yoga gives them a sense of peace and oneness with themselves, not to mention the overall benefit of fitness. 

i struggle with getting my body to contort itself into the various required positions...slipping and sliding, shaking - feeling my muscles quivering -  am i not balanced enough?  bendable?  flexible?  one with myself? 

today i happened upon a duck...

downward dog

reverse back bridge

standing one-leg

modified warrior

and breathe

i suppose if a duck can manage, i should be able to right?  but this didn't really motivate me... it only made me laugh - actually it was more like snorting; fortunately the little duck carried on... paying me no never mind which made it even more funny.  i so enjoy not having to pay for entertainment.

happy day.....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

water baby

it's been warm enough the last several days to melt the ice on the lake... so the geese and ducks have been having a time of it... floating, taking nose dives, feet first landings, water baths... i even saw a couple of duck water fights...  such fun.

but i hear it won't last... ahhh - such is the case with weather forecasters, right?  they're not going to let you bask in the luxury of springtime temptations too long...  it is, after all, still february in the mountains and that means snow can come at its leisure. 

until then, i'm enjoying this short spurt of sweater weather and freedom for my tootsies.

happy day.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011


don't you wish you were flexible?  could bend just a little bit more... stretch to the left - stretch to the right - all the way down to your toes?  me, too! 

there are some days i'm grateful i can simply roll out of bed... and that's all that's required, rolling... no bending at all.

i caught a glimpse of this ditty and laughed out loud.  mind you, it's only hands... but if my hands could do what these hands are doing... and then i thought, if my body could do a fraction of what these hands are doing... whoo-hoo, hot-diggity...

happy day.....