Sunday, August 29, 2010

just pink

i must admit, lately i've been about with my camera a bit trying to get the last of color that remains.  this was peaking out from some bushes and with pink being one of my favorite colors, well.... who can just pass it by... 

it kind of looks like a sweet pea but i'm no flower expert.  i just like to enjoy and do the ooh and aah thing.  i'm of the impression that anything that you find growing in open is worth taking a moment for....

isn't it lovely?

happy day.....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

hanging on

it's getting to be that time of year already when flowers begin to fade off.  there are some varieties, though, that only blossom in the spring with the bushes green and hardy for the rest of the summer.  one of those is the bridal wreath.  this is a lovely bush that has a delicate white flower.  when it blossoms, it doesn't last long.  in fact if a strong wind happens to blow, it can sometimes be enough to blow all the petals off the bush at once leaving me sad...  for it is one of my very favorite spring time flowers.

imagine my pleasant surprise, then, as i was walking around the house today and saw this lone small cluster hanging on the bridal wreath.  i have no idea how it has survived the whole summer....through rain, wind, hail, heat...  but there it was for my pure enjoyment - and now yours...

perhaps the other leaves and branches have protected it just for this moment.  yay!  it's a simple moment i'm soaking up...

happy day.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010


who knew that you can now purchase a car tune-up in a bottle.  yup!  a bottle.  pour it into a full tank of gas when you fill up.  it'll act as an injector cleaner and eliminate the need for higher octane gas.  huh...anything to enhance to power and fuel economy, right?  you bet! 

for only $5.99 this special tune-up treat can be yours without the hassle of making an appointment with your usual mechanic.  i can't claim how well it works since i just poured a bottle into my vehicle the other day with my fill up.  but so far, so good.  sure beats upwards of the typical high cost which pleases me.

happy day.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


sometimes we all have those days.  you know of what i speak.  you either wake up and don't want to roll out bed...wanting to hit the snooze button over and over until the day is done and a "do over" is proclaimed.  or the day starts out well enough and something happens that maybe isn't very fabulous, and everything goes downhill from there. 

do you ever wonder what your face looks like during these times?  what your body language is saying?  what your posture looks like?  i have often times had individuals say to me, "you have that look on your face again" and truly i don't quite know what that look is.  well, i know a cat can't capture a human look but if a cat can have attitude, gracie caught it quite well.  she was clearly having "one of those days" like we have all had.

i took one look at gracie's face and after snapping the shot, which also annoyed her, said "i'm with ya" and walked quickly away....out of sight... to have a private laugh.  i am not normally so insensitive but really - look at that face!  what could have caused her to have had such a bad day?  too much litter in her box?  water not cold enough in her bowl?  oops, wait...i hadn't put her tiara on yet. 

a cat's life is so tough...  yes, i'm playing around here.  though it's obviously nothing like what we deal with day in and day out, right?  i think it's very important for all of us to do a self-check every now and then to see how we're doing.  where's our own attitude?  how are we feeling about things?  are we on track or do we need to do a little bit of self care?  it's so easy to get wrapped up in all the minute details of our every day lives that we forget to sit back and breathe for a moment.  i'm suggesting, based on how gracie looked today, that we don't neglect ourselves.  go have an ice cream cone, take a walk in the park,  play with a balloon or a kite with your child....your loved ones will appreciate you for it.

happy day.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

interesting sign #3

hard to say if it's more artwork or sign... colorful, action, drama, movement, story captured...mesmerizing...don'tcha love it? all in a new york subway station.

happy day.....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

home renovations

i found another house that just needs a few little touch ups to be perfect.  it's in the woods... in the quiet of the forest, away from the busy city life.  yes, some would say it's a bit run down, but they would fail to see the potential it has...the beauty in the roughness of its exterior.  after all, no diamond just shines on its own.  it must go through the fire first and this house is no exception.  in fact, it appears that maybe it's gone through a fire already.

but i'd say that only adds to the charm of its existence.  i could be wrong though since the whole house is still standing; the roof is still on and overall it's in decent condition.  really, considering....minor renovations completed with a little elbow grease are called for and i'll have a dream home in a great secluded setting.

a wonderful weekend getaway up in the mountains...something i've always wanted.  can you stand it?  flowers planted outside, deer wandering around, bunnies hopping by, birds chirping outside the windows, a breeze blowing the curtains.  what a pretty picture for relaxing...

happy day.....

Friday, August 20, 2010


have you had your hug today?

hugs are known to have many benefits.  they can reduce blood pressure, increase levels of oxytocin, show love and affection, give support and comfort.  hugs are given to humans and animals without limit, although i wonder where the phrase "tree hugging" came from.  depending on culture, hugs are given either in private or public, as a form of greeting, departure or both.

i must admit, hugs are simply great and when i've had a bad day or a good day, to share a hug with someone is an idea that frequently comes to mind.  so it was with an individual by the name of juan mann.  he hit a rough patch in his life when living in london and had to head back to his homeland of australia.  but when he landed in sydney, he had no one.  no one to greet him, welcome him say hello, to hug him.  he felt all alone, in a sea of other people who had people to greet them and hug them.  imagine that.  

haven't you been there, too?  in that same place, feeling those same things?  he so wanted that for himself - someone to say hi to him and hug him - he found some cardboard and made a sign that said "free hugs" on it.  then he found a very busy intersection in the city to hold the sign and stood there with people passing him by, staring at him.  uh-huh!  but he still stood there until one lady came up telling him how her dog had died that morning and she could use a hug.  and from there it dominoed.  then he made this video...see if it doesn't make you smile and want to go running into the streets hugging people.

happy day.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

secret agents

i have always wanted to be a secret agent.  it sounds cool, they get to play with gadgets, have an alias, sneak around, do things without others knowing, travel the world, live a secret life.

it started with bond.... james bond. i mean, come on! who could resist sean connery? and those toys he got to play with only added to the allure, right?

then came "get smart"... and the blundering maxwell. he got to play with all kinds of gadgets, too, and again i was sold on the desire to be an agent of some kind.

agent 99 solidified the fact that "girls" could also be secret agents in a world of men that had heretofore dominated the field. thus making my dream a reality now if only on tv.  that was key for a little girl.

secret agents have evolved quite a bit since bond first came on the scene with their purposes varying greatly as well.  take for instance secret agent l.  her real name is laura and she lives in pittsburgh.  laura has started a movement of kindness by being a secret agent and engaging what she calls affiliated agents.  her belief is that everyone could use a little kindness no matter who they are or where they come from.  so secret agent l goes around performing random acts of kindness along with her affiliated agents on a weekly basis.  they are done anonymously on unsuspecting subjects.  how fun does that sound?  and so these acts inject a bit of sunshine into the lives of people everywhere. 

secret agent l mentions that she has about 80 agents world-wide assisting her now.  i think this is a wonderfully awesome project....good for everyone involved.  we all know that when we do something good for someone else, the payoff for ourselves is usually much more than for that individual - don't you think?  and to do it in secret where there is no glory or thanks except for the "feel good" you get deep down, makes it extra special.

would you like to fill your need and desire to be a secret agent?  do you want to perform random acts of kindness for perfect strangers?  want to work with secret agent l?  then just check out her affiliated agent page.  maybe i'll run into you....maybe not, since it's secret.

happy day.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

cloud dreaming

what do you see?

do you remember as a kid...maybe now even as an adult...laying in a field, or the backyard, looking up at the sky and dreaming at the clouds?  imagining what they all looked like?  different animals, or people, places, foods even?  or you may have made things up like in a rorschach test. 

i always think of clouds as a great play world where you can spend time; day dreaming, experimenting, creating, exploring...a lot of fun.

clouds bring back memories.  they remind me of marshmallows; they are billowy and soft.  they make me want to spend time outside, make me want to take a nap, make me want to take a walk, too.  it's amazing how something so simple can spur one to want to do so many different things.

happy day.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

interesting sign #2

okay so you now know i like signs and have begun to share them with you.  don't groan or roll your eyes.  we all know that there are a myriad of signs in the world today that are fun, confusing, bewildering, flabbergasting, shocking and must be shared.  so you might as well resign yourself to the fact that i will be passing along some of the ones i have come across along my journeys.  yay! is a fun sign that always cracks me up. i found it in new york... 

i had to laugh when i saw it.  i thought, does this mean i can't stand person...between these hours?  only vehicles can be here?  i know logically what they are saying, but the wording is just too funny, isn't it?  it's so one of those signs that you see and then do a double take on.  i found myself staring, then re-reading it several times.

i knew it had to be captured and shared because there is no way to explain it without showing it, too.  i hope you find the humor in it and smile.

happy day.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


fences are designed to keep things out right?  or to keep things in.  perhaps, they are for decoration... you know, the people who only want to have a house with the little white picket fence out front.  it's really not meant for anything other than to look pretty is it?  i always wonder when i'm driving seemingly out in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden, there's a fence.  what?  there are no cattle around, no other animals.  you don't see any kind of reason for a fence but there it is... right smack in the middle of the field.  just like here...

it's certainly not an ugly fence by any means.  i rather like it...the design is out of the ordinary, not just straight across and you can tell it was made with care.  but why is it here?  what is its purpose?  especially if there are no animals around, is it to keep something out?  makes you wonder...
it's difficult to tell how far the fence goes on or if it's only standing for a short stretch. i don't know if it really matters though. because it got me to thinking about the fences that we all might have in our own lives.

do you put up fences?  to guard yourself or for protection?  for security?  out of fear?  are they there to keep things or people out?  to keep yourself in?  what would it take to knock them down?  i think as humans we have a tendency towards self-preservation, so it's second nature almost to want to put up those fences if we feel we might be in danger or trouble of some sort.  but at the same time, aren't we preventing ourselves from excelling; reaching the potential of what could be?  something to think about.  of course, the other side to the picture is that fences are positive and good for us; protecting us from harm.  when we sense things are going awry, the fence slams up...wham-o...we feel safe, secure and the world is right again. 

whew...all this and more went screaming through my head when i saw this fence...out in the the middle of nowhere...on a clear, sunny afternoon.

happy day.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010


building sandcastles.... by the side of the road.  isn't this cool?  and yes, it's really by the side of the road.  one of those interesting pictures when you're on a road trip that finds you gawking and yelling "pull over, pull over.  look at that.  look at that!."  like you're an idiot and have never seen a sand sculpture before. 

but it always take me by surprise, leaving me with an admiration for what nature can create.  making me grateful that within only hours and a simple drive, i can be enfolded by magnificent beauty...

happy day.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

kitty flash, part 2

so you remember how i shared in "kitty flash" that gracie was in the tub cooling herself off?  well, now she has found the bathroom sink and is not ashamed with her discovery.  in fact, she has taken to playing with the water...i kid you not.  splashing around like a kid.  i didn't know that cats would do such a thing.  i was laughing so hard it's a miracle i was able to capture these pictures.  at first i thought she was just going to stand there.

she was looking all innocent, looking around forever with her tail swishing back and forth.  i just waited....
suddenly gracie reached out her paw to the faucet. i was like, "huh? how can she possibly know that?"  but with a little help, water started coming out for her.  i thought for sure she'd jump down.
but out went her paw....under the water.  is that not the cutest thing ever?  i swear i have never seen anything like it.
once done, gracie settled in....wet bowl and all.  she didn't seem to care.
this is gracie smiling.... i think she finally got relief from that kitty flash!  if only it were so easy for all of us with hot flashes...
happy day.....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

desert creature

desert lizard. can you see him?

all creatures, big and small intrigue me. as long as they aren't always in my house.

this little guy was just sunning himself... and practically escapes into his natural surroundings, which is the point i guess.

once he knew i was interested in him, he scampered away very quickly... moving so fast i lost track of him in almost the blink of an eye. at least i was able to get this shot first.

happy day.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gathering wood

seeing this woman, up close and personal, greatly disturbed me. i couldn't wrap my mind around the fact... that in some parts of the world, in this case ghana, africa, people still have to gather wood by hand and foot to cook and stay warm. sometimes having to walk miles.

it took some convincing for this woman to even allow me to snap her picture and she only stopped for the briefest of moments. clearly she was on a mission to get to her destination.

i am grateful i live in a place where i do not have to undertake this task every day. or endure the hardship it presents. i hope i will remember how i fe
lt because i have the advantage of modern amenities at my disposal. i hope you recognize your good fortune when you view this picture.

happy day.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

peach progress

take a look...we have significant growth with the peaches! it's going to be an actual peach crop year. i can hardly wait. the peach fuzz has progressed well into round peaches that will be able to be harvested. it is so exciting. you can see here in these shots that there will be quite an abundance.

it will be so much fun to share the bounty with friends and neighbors...and, yes the squirrels, too. and while it will be work and hot, hot, hot in the kitchen, i am looking forward to dusting off my canning utensils and stirring up some butters, salsas and jams. yummy....

happy day.....

Monday, August 2, 2010

flower or weed

how do you determine if a flower is a flower or a flowering weed? is it up to you? do you just decide if you like it, that it's a flower, flower? if it's out in the wild, is it merely called a "wild" flower? or is that still just a weed then, too? does it really matter?

i came across these pretty little blueish, purple bell shaped flowers. they were in a jumble mixed in with grasses. i have no idea what they're called but thought they were delicate looking and started snapping away with my camera. the wind was blowing like crazy and it was difficult to get a clear picture.

here is a small strand that seems to be floating in themselves above the ground... swaying in the breeze.

this strand looked at first as though they were trying to hide something, tucked away, closing in and pointing down towards the ground... all of them protective.

and then, suddenly my eye caught this tiny, little snap dragon all by itself... bright yellow standing firm and strong. not at all intimidated being surrounded by all the others. it was a brave flower and such a bit of color amidst the purple. i felt like cheering for it.

do you ever feel like that...all alone among strangers or maybe with your perspective or viewpoint? stand firm, stand strong like this little flower. don't be swayed by others around steadfast.

we never know who really has the final say with definitions do we? sure there are dictionary's and we rely on them, on the internet and other resources for information. but in my mind with nature especially, i rely on me. i like to make up my own mind with flowers. if i say these are flowers, then so be it. who is going to question me? no one will change my mind. it is done.

happy day.....