Monday, August 2, 2010

flower or weed

how do you determine if a flower is a flower or a flowering weed? is it up to you? do you just decide if you like it, that it's a flower, flower? if it's out in the wild, is it merely called a "wild" flower? or is that still just a weed then, too? does it really matter?

i came across these pretty little blueish, purple bell shaped flowers. they were in a jumble mixed in with grasses. i have no idea what they're called but thought they were delicate looking and started snapping away with my camera. the wind was blowing like crazy and it was difficult to get a clear picture.

here is a small strand that seems to be floating in themselves above the ground... swaying in the breeze.

this strand looked at first as though they were trying to hide something, tucked away, closing in and pointing down towards the ground... all of them protective.

and then, suddenly my eye caught this tiny, little snap dragon all by itself... bright yellow standing firm and strong. not at all intimidated being surrounded by all the others. it was a brave flower and such a bit of color amidst the purple. i felt like cheering for it.

do you ever feel like that...all alone among strangers or maybe with your perspective or viewpoint? stand firm, stand strong like this little flower. don't be swayed by others around steadfast.

we never know who really has the final say with definitions do we? sure there are dictionary's and we rely on them, on the internet and other resources for information. but in my mind with nature especially, i rely on me. i like to make up my own mind with flowers. if i say these are flowers, then so be it. who is going to question me? no one will change my mind. it is done.

happy day.....

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