Friday, August 20, 2010


have you had your hug today?

hugs are known to have many benefits.  they can reduce blood pressure, increase levels of oxytocin, show love and affection, give support and comfort.  hugs are given to humans and animals without limit, although i wonder where the phrase "tree hugging" came from.  depending on culture, hugs are given either in private or public, as a form of greeting, departure or both.

i must admit, hugs are simply great and when i've had a bad day or a good day, to share a hug with someone is an idea that frequently comes to mind.  so it was with an individual by the name of juan mann.  he hit a rough patch in his life when living in london and had to head back to his homeland of australia.  but when he landed in sydney, he had no one.  no one to greet him, welcome him say hello, to hug him.  he felt all alone, in a sea of other people who had people to greet them and hug them.  imagine that.  

haven't you been there, too?  in that same place, feeling those same things?  he so wanted that for himself - someone to say hi to him and hug him - he found some cardboard and made a sign that said "free hugs" on it.  then he found a very busy intersection in the city to hold the sign and stood there with people passing him by, staring at him.  uh-huh!  but he still stood there until one lady came up telling him how her dog had died that morning and she could use a hug.  and from there it dominoed.  then he made this video...see if it doesn't make you smile and want to go running into the streets hugging people.

happy day.....

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