Sunday, August 22, 2010

home renovations

i found another house that just needs a few little touch ups to be perfect.  it's in the woods... in the quiet of the forest, away from the busy city life.  yes, some would say it's a bit run down, but they would fail to see the potential it has...the beauty in the roughness of its exterior.  after all, no diamond just shines on its own.  it must go through the fire first and this house is no exception.  in fact, it appears that maybe it's gone through a fire already.

but i'd say that only adds to the charm of its existence.  i could be wrong though since the whole house is still standing; the roof is still on and overall it's in decent condition.  really, considering....minor renovations completed with a little elbow grease are called for and i'll have a dream home in a great secluded setting.

a wonderful weekend getaway up in the mountains...something i've always wanted.  can you stand it?  flowers planted outside, deer wandering around, bunnies hopping by, birds chirping outside the windows, a breeze blowing the curtains.  what a pretty picture for relaxing...

happy day.....

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