Sunday, August 15, 2010

cloud dreaming

what do you see?

do you remember as a kid...maybe now even as an adult...laying in a field, or the backyard, looking up at the sky and dreaming at the clouds?  imagining what they all looked like?  different animals, or people, places, foods even?  or you may have made things up like in a rorschach test. 

i always think of clouds as a great play world where you can spend time; day dreaming, experimenting, creating, exploring...a lot of fun.

clouds bring back memories.  they remind me of marshmallows; they are billowy and soft.  they make me want to spend time outside, make me want to take a nap, make me want to take a walk, too.  it's amazing how something so simple can spur one to want to do so many different things.

happy day.....

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