Wednesday, August 18, 2010

secret agents

i have always wanted to be a secret agent.  it sounds cool, they get to play with gadgets, have an alias, sneak around, do things without others knowing, travel the world, live a secret life.

it started with bond.... james bond. i mean, come on! who could resist sean connery? and those toys he got to play with only added to the allure, right?

then came "get smart"... and the blundering maxwell. he got to play with all kinds of gadgets, too, and again i was sold on the desire to be an agent of some kind.

agent 99 solidified the fact that "girls" could also be secret agents in a world of men that had heretofore dominated the field. thus making my dream a reality now if only on tv.  that was key for a little girl.

secret agents have evolved quite a bit since bond first came on the scene with their purposes varying greatly as well.  take for instance secret agent l.  her real name is laura and she lives in pittsburgh.  laura has started a movement of kindness by being a secret agent and engaging what she calls affiliated agents.  her belief is that everyone could use a little kindness no matter who they are or where they come from.  so secret agent l goes around performing random acts of kindness along with her affiliated agents on a weekly basis.  they are done anonymously on unsuspecting subjects.  how fun does that sound?  and so these acts inject a bit of sunshine into the lives of people everywhere. 

secret agent l mentions that she has about 80 agents world-wide assisting her now.  i think this is a wonderfully awesome project....good for everyone involved.  we all know that when we do something good for someone else, the payoff for ourselves is usually much more than for that individual - don't you think?  and to do it in secret where there is no glory or thanks except for the "feel good" you get deep down, makes it extra special.

would you like to fill your need and desire to be a secret agent?  do you want to perform random acts of kindness for perfect strangers?  want to work with secret agent l?  then just check out her affiliated agent page.  maybe i'll run into you....maybe not, since it's secret.

happy day.....

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