Friday, July 30, 2010

camera fascination

different cultures are interesting. the people are just like everyone else but if they haven't been exposed to those things that i have been exposed to or take for granted, they have a reaction unlike mine and unexpected.

when i visited africa, i took my camera because i wanted to capture the country and the differences that i was going to experience. i knew i was going to see a myriad of plants, animals, and foods that don't exist in america. and i was going to meet people, too, that i would never again have the opportunity to befriend. during exploration, kids were especially open in their curiosity. mostly i think because i am so fair in complexion and they'd probably never seen someone quite so white. additionally, they were taken by the camera. everywhere i went, children wanted their pictures taken. i happily obliged.

these are school boys that stopped on the road to chat with us. they were immediately intrigued with the idea of having their picture taken, wanted to play with the camera and were all giggles seeing the digital shot afterwards.

these two cuties would pose, run away, come back and pose again and again. they said they'd been friends forever.

here are more school boys who were very shy, not letting me get out of the car so i had to snap the shot very quickly through the window. they didn't stop to talk although intrigued by the white lady and her camera. as i thanked them, they went running down the road. once i got the picture developed, i was so grateful. with the sun setting behind them and the expressions on their faces, they are so precious.

these are memories i will never forget, experiences i will forever cherish. people are people. we are all one... no matter our make up, no matter where we live. we are created equal, loved by god.

happy day.....

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