Sunday, July 18, 2010

butterflies forever

did you ever run through a meadow with a net trying to capture a butterfly? when you were a kid perhaps? or as an "older" kid? always fun no matter the age.

butterflies are amazing. they are colorful, fly with ease, are harmless, fascinating to watch, fun to play with, graceful.

there are so many varieties of butterflies as well. they can be found around the world, too. this special one was located on a walk in kansas.

can you believe these colors? the aqua blue mixed with black is to die for especially with the sun striking its wings...oh my. i was with a friend and we followed this baby for quite some time doing the standard "oohing" and "ahhing" over the course of our wandering.

for me, chasing this butterfly was a little bit like running through heaven. just for a moment... because of the gloriousness of it... knowing that only god could have created such magnificent beauty for me to enjoy.

happy day.....

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