Tuesday, July 27, 2010

kinetic wave sculptures

what makes an artist? how creative can an artist be? are there limits? should there be limits? have you ever given thought to this? for anyone can call themselves an artist, right? haven't we all seen the canvas with a squiggly line selling for a lot of money and thought, "well, i could've done that!" or some other abstract painting and we wonder about it? perhaps it's a piece of pottery in a strange form or shape that has you shaking your head. on the other end of the spectrum, of course, are the renderings that people believe are sheer genius. it's all perspective, isn't it? i might think that squiggly line is the genius piece. who's to say? that's what makes it art; keeps it creative in my mind. and because we keep talking about it.

meet a sculptor, reuben margolin. he is not your ordinary, everyday sculptor. uh-uh. he creates kinetic wave sculptures. these are moving sculptures that are made out of materials like wood, metal, cardboard and other found objects he has scavenged. they are amazing and look like they float in and through the air.

watch him here at work and learn about his incredible art.

i think we'll keep talking about reuben for some time. i find his work fascinating. i found myself captivated during this clip....that he could take such raw material and make it come to life the way he has. truly amazing....wonderfully refreshing for the world of art.

happy day.....

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