Tuesday, July 13, 2010

life of a flower

remember when i talked about the african violet that i was babying because i hadn't given it the "kiss of death" yet? well low and behold, with my talking to it every day and telling it how awesome it was doing it really did do very well. within several weeks, i noticed a bud. i was doing the dance of joy. look at that baby here.

and then within about a week, that bud was opening up into a wonderful little pink flower. pink is one of my favorite colors. here it's looking like a small umbrella barely open to the world yet.

in another few days, the flower was unfolding into this gorgeous little thing that almost appear artificial. if i didn't know better, upon close examination it had a sort of fabric-like texture to it. so delicate...truly amazing in its beauty.

just for fun, i tried a black and white shot. the petals of the plant seem kind of velvety don't they? i am always fascinated how different the perspective is with the simplicity of a pure shot like this.

and here is the african violet in its full bloom. truly beautiful, amazing and perfect.

happy day.....

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goldenimage said...

Hi there - This is a great blog! I just read several of your posts --Thanks for helping me figure out the red lily :) (love the violet)