Wednesday, July 7, 2010

aarp card

i got a gift in the mail the other day. i wasn’t expecting it at all. well, okay… that’s not entirely true. i was thinking i should be getting it but really thought i’d have gotten it before now. it was the all dreaded “aarp” card. plus, i found it really wasn't a gift. boo!

now i’ve heard about this card and the membership and all. its benefits; the pros and cons. been warned about it like it had some kind of power. i wondered what all the fuss was about. after all, turning 50 is just another day in my mind. 50 is just a number people. although… granted… i do recall when i was a kid i thought 30 was old. and by 40 people were truly ancient, so who knows what 50 brought.

but anyway…. now that i’m all grown up, 50 isn’t a big deal anymore. i’ve come to realize that it’s all in your head. i’ve gained perspective. i believe we’re as young or as old as we feel and allow ourselves to be. in my mind, i still feel like i’m 30 something. i often wonder what 50 is supposed to feel like. am i supposed to feel old? or older? older than what? i think it’s just a game we play with ourselves….it’s all mental.

oh, and here's the rub. the other thing with the aarp card? you have to pay for the membership! huh? i couldn't quite believe that. why do i want to do that? are they serious? shouldn’t they be giving that to me? they should be privileged to have me on board with them, right? at least that's my attitude. i'm worth it, aren't i? they are the ones marketing the card to me after all. i'm not going to them. so give it to me. yes, i admit the yearly cost is pretty minimal but i was still appalled there is a fee attached for turning 50. my opinion is that it should be a present. a gift for this milestone in my life.

happy day.....

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