Thursday, July 29, 2010

hula hoop

do you remember those big plastic hoops we used to fling around our waists as kids? we'd shimmy and shake 'em with ease? laughing and giggling... trying to see who could keep them going the longest. it was like a race around our mid-sections. and the thing was, it seemed so very easy. those were the days. hula hoops were fun and easy breezy. colorful and lightweight plastic.

hooping has come back today in a big way. for adults, though, they are no longer lightweight plastic. now they are weighted. the better for maneuvering and assisting the user with keeping it in rotation. the longer you can keep it going, the greater the benefits. in fact, dr. edward laskowski of the mayo clinic says that as little as 10 minutes of continuous rotation can deliver aerobic and calorie burning benefit. isn't that amazing?

i had to get in on the fun so i ordered a weighted hoop. it came in this box.

i thought, "a box? i have to put it together? i can do this." and i did. it now looks like this.

pink, of course, is one of my favorite colors so i assumed that this would be a piece of cake. but color isn't everything, people. try twirling this baby around your tummy and you will see. add so many extra years to those of the old plastic hoops and, well.... let's just say it's very different. i am no longer 12.

the idea, though, that using a weighted hoop can massage my internal organs as it circles my tummy. it will increase my energy, strengthen my torso muscles, improve my coordination and spinal flexibility, and increase my blood flow....these are all reasons to learn and do it.

so for now, i warm up on the treadmill for a while and then have at it. i find myself laughing, cracking myself up while trying to balance the hoop. it is such a riot. all i can say is it's a good thing there are no hidden cameras in my house. and it's a good thing i have a sense of humor.

hooping is fun and engaging. get one. have fun. bring your childhood back. maybe you will find yourself hooping down the road in your neighborhood. maybe we'll hoop into each other.

happy day.....

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