Friday, July 16, 2010

stand by me

music. it can do many things: act as a balm, bring people together, soothe your spirit, give you energy, bring you to tears, make you smile, make you dance... need i go on? because there are just too many to list in my mind. i love music.

and when i heard of playing for change i was intrigued. they are a collaboration of people. i always love it when i hear that people are working together, especially for the betterment of others or our world. this group is a multimedia project brought together to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world using music. how cool is that? there is the common belief that the power of music can break down boundaries and overcome distances between people; music has the ability to unite us as one in the human race. i say amen to that! we all see how fans come together at concerts and they are from all walks of life. there is an incredible amount of music on the shelves; all kinds, all sounds that is for sale.

so playing for change has gone around the world gathering artists to contribute to making music. one of the songs they've covered is "stand by me," which happens to be a favorite of mine.

the thing i love about this song is that it points out that we need to stand by each other. how apropos that playing for change chose a song that speaks to being there for our fellow man when they are promoting peace and unity. plus this is one of those songs that gets your toes to tapping, isn't it? weren't your toes tapping, just now as you were listening? and you were humming along, weren't you? i was. i was belting it out. in fact, i found myself doing a little air guitar and a bit of drumming on my computer. it's a catchy tune but very meaningful.

by the way, playing for change has now formed a foundation to help give back to the musicians who have been helping with this project. they are playing benefit concerts as well. it's a worthy cause. can music change the world?

happy day.....

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