Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i am totally fascinated by signs. don't know why...just 'cuz. all kinds, too. high signs. low signs. wood signs. metal signs. concrete signs. home made signs. sometimes they are silly. or funny. at times they make absolutely no sense; make you tilt your head and go "huh?" like this one:

does this mean that only in the years of 1982 and 1986 the flood level was 1 foot? or was it 1 foot between 1982 and 86? is it still 1 foot today? what? or is the flood level only 1 foot in this specific location? who knows? there was no indication around. neither above or around the vicinity at all to indicate or give further information. it so cracked me up. maybe no one else would have this kind of reaction. maybe, in fact, no one would even have noticed this notice since it's on the side of a very low wall. but i did and was intrigued.

would you have noticed? what do you think it means?

happy day.....

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