Monday, July 12, 2010

the writer who couldn't read

this is a fascinating story. one about the brain and its capabilities. i must admit, the older i get the more it seems to fascinate me. i am completely captivated by the brain; what it can do, the way it's underrated, how we take it for granted, how little we use it, stretch it and rely on it. why do you suppose that is? we really utilize it as little as necessary. just enough to get by for the most part. all that unused brain power...makes one wonder what the possibilities are that are being missed.

but for howard engel... he is a writer who woke up one day with the realization that he'd had a stroke. he tried to read the morning paper and although he recognized pictures and words, the words soon became jumbled. he found he had what's called, alexia or word blindness. i'd never heard of this before have you?

after watching this, i was amazed at engel's accomplishment. his ability to relearn, to teach his brain to read by writing. to figure out the intricacy's of what needed to happen for him to enjoy reading again, and then be able to put pen to paper and publish? astounding and remarkable. that's using his brain power.

happy day.....

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