Sunday, July 11, 2010

plant paths

i love plants. i love the greenery. i love the leaves. i love that they give off oxygen into the air. i love that they fill the house with life. and between you and me, they are a kind of companion to me because yes...i talk to them. i talk to my plants.
i tell them how beautiful they are, how well they are doing, what a great day it is. do you think that's goofy? let me tell you...they respond. just look over there, will you? do you see that? it's new growth.

i was watering my lovelies the other day and wouldn't you know. there i saw growing out of the bottoms of both these plants, new sprouts. i thought that was sort of odd to be growing way at the bottom of the plant like that. usually you find the newbies growing at the top with the other leaves. but here they are, all on their own making their way. how cool is that?

do you ever feel like you need to branch out on your own? set off on a footpath by yourself? go in a direction that isn't ventured by others or is maybe less taken by others? you feel called to head out on an adventure or something that you need to heed? are you waiting? for anything in particular? we all need to listen to that inner voice we have. the one that tells us what to do, how to do it, when to do it. whether we seek our guidance through prayer or meditation or reading or whatever, we do tend to know the direction we should follow most times.

it's like these little sprouts are doing, isn't it? they are following their own drum. they are not going along with the pack. they're doing their own thing and i believe they'll be just fine. i can hardly wait to see them grow big and strong; branches hardy with leaves green and billowy.

happy day.....

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