Friday, February 25, 2011

duck yoga

i've always been fascinated by yoga... the concept - the ability of others to manipulate their bodies into those ridiculous positions...  stating how yoga gives them a sense of peace and oneness with themselves, not to mention the overall benefit of fitness. 

i struggle with getting my body to contort itself into the various required positions...slipping and sliding, shaking - feeling my muscles quivering -  am i not balanced enough?  bendable?  flexible?  one with myself? 

today i happened upon a duck...

downward dog

reverse back bridge

standing one-leg

modified warrior

and breathe

i suppose if a duck can manage, i should be able to right?  but this didn't really motivate me... it only made me laugh - actually it was more like snorting; fortunately the little duck carried on... paying me no never mind which made it even more funny.  i so enjoy not having to pay for entertainment.

happy day.....

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