Tuesday, April 6, 2010

for the love of books

i love books...love to read. i grew up on books. nancy drew. the hardy boys. the bobbsey twins. agatha christie. charles dickens. sometimes you could find me with a book in hand hiding out when i should've been doing chores.

my love of reading and books has not diminished over the years. i can spend hours being consumed by the written word; getting lost in the world that is brought to life before me.

i don't quite know how many books i currently own. 10. 20. 50. a lot! so many i think i have enough but then i hear about another one that sounds interesting & believe it should be read as well, so i add it to the collection. i cannot be cheated....to consider i might be missing out on some creative genius or wisdom or knowledge or nugget that could be mine.... it's inconceivable.

they are all mainly consolidated in one room of the house....stacked in piles now because the bookcases are all full. i get to them one after the other and then box them up to donate them so someone else can have an opportunity to experience their enjoyment; obtain the richness of the word, the bounty they have to offer.

happy day.....

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