Saturday, April 10, 2010

ice cream confessions

doesn't everybody love ice cream? is it typically considered a desert? or a treat? a food product that should be eaten at the end of a meal... traditionally? does it matter?

i would argue not! why? well....because, i must confess.... i sometimes have it for breakfast. yes, you heard that correctly. breakfast. the first meal of the day. is that right? wrong? who's to say? what do you think? do you do it, too? is it nutritious? again, who's to say? it does contain dairy. yay! so i eat it for breakfast, as a lunch replacement if i want. whatever. i eat it with abandon....without restriction....with freedom....while doing the dance of joy!

life is too short, is my motto when it comes to ice cream and lately there are a lot of variety's to try. the handy thing these days is that you can buy smaller containers allowing for the opportunity to taste test without investing in a big batch. fun.

in the case of the
ice cream i have pictured above - which by the way, has become one of my faves thanks to my mom - it also has daily amounts of nuts, antioxidants and just a touch of sweetness. oh okay, who am i kidding....more than a touch of sweetness. but it is the full fat, real cream stuff. the kind where i can only eat a small amount at a time and be totally satisfied. it's a wow....yum, moment!

for those days when i feel like i want to have something that's a little more figure friendly but still totally yummy, i have discovered
the skinny cow. so good are these truffle bars it's difficult to eat just one.

i don't really have to trick my brain into thinking these are not full fat because they taste so great. i like that about them and that's what will always be nice about having them on hand in the freezer....

whether for desert, a treat or for those breakfast moments.

happy day.....

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