Friday, April 16, 2010

infomercials these are not my abs.....i wish! aren't they somethin'? they could be mine if i'd be willing to invest some time.

you see, since i had surgery several weeks ago, sleep has become a precious commodity lately and i find myself doing some night time surfing on the television.

mostly what i have found is infomercials when it is really late. and not just any infomercial. infomercials for abs. on almost every other channel. there is every conceivable kind of ab exercise you can imagine. ones done on your back, on your knees, twisting, pulling, using force, using no force, using bands, using no effort, sweating, no sweat, belts wrapped around your waist. you name it, it's been developed or a different variation of the same kinds. it's remarkable.

you can get these programs and machines for every cost imaginable, too. high costs, low costs. and if you buy now, you'll get special bonuses. there are counters on the screen so you don't miss out on the minutes remaining to call in. web sites are given if you want to log in instead to take advantage of the special offers within the allotted time.

i have watched in fascination, wondering how many people actually get sucked in and purchase these gizmo's believing they will work. looking at the incredible before and after photos like the one above and wanting that to be them so badly they'll spend anything for it to be so.

there was even one program, a boot camp program that had people working their abs in pools of sweat....yuk! i think it was called insanity. doesn't that say it all? insanity!

happy day.....

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