Monday, April 26, 2010


i now believe that glasses are a wonderful thing.

but i remember a time when i thought not. when i was a little girl, i never wanted to wear glasses. you were called names like four eyes and made fun of all the time. i thought it was a sign of geekiness and i had plenty of other things going on without having to put up with glasses.

blessedly, through my childhood and most of my adult life i had perfect vision. colors were crisp. i was able to see things near. i could see things far away without straining. depth perception was great. no blurring. no squinting. no problems. life with my sight was good....i was a happy camper.

then slowly, over time i began to notice that all the crispness was wearing away. colors were getting dull. street signs weren't as clear anymore. i was getting headaches. uh-oh....could there be trouble?

friends had always said, "wait until you hit the age of 40." like there was something magic with that number. there was a curse associated with the age factor. i didn't believe it. just couldn't. but i was approaching that age. i must do something before the dreaded day hit to prove there was no truth to the matter.

i walked away from the clinic a new woman. with a spiffy pair of glasses i swore i'd never need but a new lease on life. clarity i didn't realize i'd been missing. colors bright and blazing again. sharp, crisp, focused. i was doing the dance of joy and not looking back. the only thing i was interested in was how fashionable my lenses were.

and now.....many years later, i am grateful for the technology that continues to allow me to see better every day when i put my glasses on to drive or watch a movie. if that makes me geeky, i say...

happy day.....

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