Thursday, February 11, 2010

for the love of bread

i am in love! yes, i am. i am in love with bread. wheat bread, white bread, whole grain, seven grain, oat grain, potato, sour dough, challah, bread and butter, plain. bread. ahhhh.....bread. i am salivating as i type this. i love bread.

i am craving bread this very moment! in fact, i have been craving it since i woke up this morning and every minute of this entire day. i should have turned right back around and headed back to bed for a do-over. the craving has followed me throughout the day like bad garlic breath.... like a puppy nipping at my heals.... it has not left me alone no matter what i've done or how i've tried to distract myself. actually the more i've tried to ignore it, the worse it has gotten. why is that? does that happen to you, too?

i want to give in to the temptation but am afraid if i do, craziness will ensue. i will turn into a glutton and eat an entire loaf of warm, doughy goodness. a slave to the smell of yeasty wonderful magic. would that be a bad thing? i tell myself there isn't anything wrong with bread in moderation. if a person can eat just one piece, maybe two pieces, hurray! the trouble is, i struggle with that. 'cuz i am in love with bread. it is one of my most favorite things to eat. some people love ice cream or pie, pasta, mashed potatoes, lasagna, cake, chips. me....bread.

tomorrow. deli. bread. two. pieces. yum!

happy day.....

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