Monday, February 8, 2010


don't you simply love it when solutions present themselves? they are just handed to you during a conversation and you didn't need to ask?


in my very first blog, i brought up how i had sent a message via my iphone that i had not meant to send. it was in draft form...i was previewing it and accidentally hit the "send" button; left yelling at my phone. well, my brother and i were talking and he asked me if i had filled in the "to" portion of the address when i had written up the draft. well of course i had. doesn't everyone? that's the very first thing you do as you're getting ready to compose an email, isn't it? i always thought that was standard fare.

the solution

he says to me, "don't do that. next time, just leave it blank and when you might hit send, it'll bounce back to you telling you the address can't be found and/or are you sure you want to send it?" i can tell you this, i just went, "huh! how simple is that? are you kidding me?" people, i had never thought of this and it isn't even a gadget kind of thing now is it? is this common sense? is this a techie thing? i don't know. what i do know is it's an easy fix and it makes me grateful for a brother who didn't tell me i had missed an obvious answer to a frustrating situation.

happy day....

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