Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mistaken identity

i have owned for cats most of my adult life. well, maybe the cats have owned me when it comes down to it. they have been my babies providing me with many hours of companionship, entertainment, comfort, joy, laughter. each has had their own personality even though i have had many friends tell me that cats don't have personalities. i beg to differ.

case in point. my current cuddly kittie, gracie. she is just about to turn 9 years old. do you think she knows that? does it impact her? does it make a difference in her thinking, her behavior, her eating habits, her sleeping patterns? maybe..... 'cuz - i think she thinks she's a dog. yes, you heard that right. a dog.

gracie thinks she's a dog. why? because she chews things! cats don't chew things! no, they don't. dogs do! cats play with things, chase things around, catch mice, sleep a lot....those kinds of things. they don't chew stuff! i'm talking about chewing cords mostly. electrical cords. oh, she's mighty adorable while she's doing it. cute face. twinkle in her pretty gold eyes. tiny little grin on her face. but she also knows it's not right, i'm telling you. i look at her and say, "no. what are you thinking?" and gracie looks back at me with a look that says, "huh? whatsamatter?" now tell me that's not personality. and a case of mistaken identity.

happy day.....

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