Thursday, February 25, 2010

to touch or not to touch

we've all seen this symbol of xoxo's; know it means hugs and kisses, use it at the end of messages or letters. but do we use it because it's cute or "in?" do we do it because we mean it? because we believe it for the other person? in lieu of being there with them?

i have recently become a fan of
the happiness project. it is a site that is full of a lot of different information and i encourage you to take a moment to check it out.

every day the author, gretchen rubin, focuses on a different theme.
today she was writing about touching more, kissing more, hugging more, and how that can contribute to us being happier in our lives. how "physical expressions of affection can strengthen all sorts of connections." i really like how she phrased that. i believe it is so very true. as human beings, i think we are sometimes so starved for affection; if we just reached out and did a little touching perhaps things would be better. maybe we would be soothed. i once heard we should all get at least 12 hugs a day to be healthy. if we don't, what happens? do we fall into a deficit and go bankrupt? from loss of hugging?

we've all seen the studies or read the articles. in fact, gretchen refers to a
new york times article about the importance of little touches with each other meaning a lot in our lives. it was very interesting.

as for me, i'll tell you this. i know i want to pay attention to implementing more action with displaying affection to those in my life every day. not just using symbols or words. symbols are fun, no doubt, and i want fun. but touch is important, too.

have you had your "touch" today?

happy day.....

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