Tuesday, February 23, 2010

chasing rainbows

i am fascinated by rainbows. the colors, the look, the size, whether they are single - double - even triple...those are the coolest ever! when it rains, i am constantly on the lookout for them.

in the fall i was driving downtown with a friend. it was raining one of those nice gentle rains that are ideal for taking a walk in; or skipping through; maybe jumping in the puddles and playing in.

all of a sudden, i looked up in the sky and shouted "look...over there - there's a rainbow." well...probably not the smartest thing for him to do since he was driving. but the point is that there was the prettiest of rainbows that i'd seen in quite some time.

so the way that some people chase tornadoes, we began to chase the rainbow. we followed it through a residential section of town marveling at the pretty saturated colors.

we drove for about a mile winding this way and that on the roads, finally coming to a stop in a school yard where the sun started to hide behind clouds making the rainbow fade away....thus ending our adventure.

it was fun while it lasted though and brought out the childlike awareness of simple pleasures, beauty in nature, the fun you can have with a friend when you are on a mission to accomplish a common goal....the thrill, the rush.

happy day.....

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