Tuesday, February 16, 2010


do you have certain things you do on certain days at certain times? maybe just at certain times of the year? perhaps it's when you were growing up? maybe it's now? or when you were in school? started as a baby with your parents? or it could be as you got older something you yourself decided to do that was special and held meaning? a tradition? a ritual of some kind? some people sing special songs to their babies, or write in journals, do laundry at particular times, have the same sunday dinner after church, drive the same route to work every day.

well, when i was growing up, we had "bath" nights. same nights of the week, every week. like clock work. no variation. we could count on it. didn't matter what else was going on. if there was company or not. if dinner was late. if someone was sick. homework wasn't finished. it was still bath night and you were getting your bath. no matter what.

there is comfort in that memory. comfort in the tradition. for in that was born the yearning desire to have other such traditions and rituals in my life which are important; and play a role in the make-up and fabric of my being.

happy day....

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