Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wicked wednesday

today is the first day of my new's a wicked wednesday and i couldn't be more pleased! i'm hoping that blogging will provide me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction; an outlet to ponder on some of the little things that can please me, surprise me, make me laugh, leave me shaking my head in wonder and remind me of simple pleasures.

this morning i found that i am not as much of a gadget girl as i thought when i was playing on my iphone and mistakenly sent an email that i didn't want to send. oops! have you done this, too? i was pressing all kinds of buttons and yelling at the phone, "nooooo!!! don't go. don't go." like that was going to stop it. well, no magic happened. the message was gone. note to apple or microsoft or google or someone: include a clearly marked button that says "retract message" for those of us who need it as an option.

happy day.....

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