Saturday, February 27, 2010


this week we said "so long" to a very special gentleman. his name was patch. he was a friend to my mom and dad, and also to my family for quite a number of years. although i didn't really know him very well in terms of his background, how he grew up, what he'd done for a living and all those other kinds of things, the fact that he was an integral part of my folks lives for so long was enough for me.

that he gave of himself to my mom during troubled times, that he shared stories with my dad, that for years they met over coffee at the local target - laughing and commiserating over this and that like so many of us do....that bound me to him. the fact that after my dad passed, patch was the one that stood up to say a few words about what kind of man dad was and how their friendship had grown. the reassuring hugs he always gave me before i left to say that he'd take care of mom.

i will miss patch. his caring, his kindness, his gentleness. i will remember his touch and imprint on our family, and am ever grateful for his passing through our lives. i wish him god's rest now and his family peace, love and strength from my heart and gratitude for sharing him with us.

happy day.....

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