Wednesday, February 10, 2010

small place

the world is a small place indeed.

i grew up in illinois. went to college in illinois as well and then relocated to iowa for a short while to work. then i ventured west. to a land of beautiful mountain scape's. where hills are more than mere bumps in the road, colors are breathtaking in the sky, trails abound, squirrels can act like they are you're best friends, the air is crisp and snow doesn't stay on the ground longer than you can spell your name forward and back. i live in colorado now. i love it here.

every now and again i meet someone from illinois. this morning was one of those times. and he wasn't from just anywhere in illinois. he was from a town only about 20 minutes from where i grew up. how cool is that? what are the chances? the odds of that happening?

happy day.....

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