Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i'm talking toes today. yes, toes. is there a problem with that? can you handle it? i know toes are not an everyday sort of subject matter however, every now and then going out of our comfort zone is a must.

see....i just noticed something about my toes. actually, only my little toes. maybe you have too. and i think it may have to do with the aging process but i don't want to admit it. probably shouldn't tell anyone either. because i am turning a certain....ahem....age this year. but that's a whole other topic.....for a whole other day.

i think my little toes are shrinking! really! i'm totally serious. can that be? and along with them shrinking, is my little toe nail, too. it seems as if there is hardly any nail left at all anymore. it used to be that the nail was the same size as the rest of my other toes and nails. but now it has been reduced to probably less than half its original size. i am not making this up. you know what i am talking about because it has happened or is happening to you as well. isn't it? what do you do about this situation? is anything to be done?

is this age? is this the natural progression of things? why? is it because of all the nail polish i've used? all the time i've spent going barefoot? or all the time i've worn those cute open toed shoes with my little toes smashed into the side of the leather? when i knowingly haven't given them enough room to stretch? eeekkkk..... how horrifying to think any of these might be possibilities.

i am disheartened by the fact that my little tootsies are getting more little by the day or hour. but let me say this. i love shoes. i love sandals. i love open toed shoes. of all kinds and all colors and all styles. i will carry on the fabulous tradition of wearing them all and enjoying them regardless of the outcome.... at least at this moment in time.

happy day.....

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