Saturday, February 6, 2010


do you remember lego's? you could build just about anything with them, couldn't you? do anything with them? i can't remember that we had them growing up in our family to be honest with you or if they were around, how sad is that? maybe i'm too old. when were they invented anyway? but i do remember that when i got my hands on them during a babysitting caper, i had fun with the kids. we spent a lot of time with those things. making crazy things. imaginary things. stuff we knew nothing about that no one had heard of. that we gave stupid names to, made up names to, and dreamed that we were wild inventors in the big universe and garnered huge applause for our own genius. yes, we were brilliant! we lived for those moments, those special dreams... we'd hide the best of our inventions away for the next time i'd be over with them, and then bring them back out to play and dream and live big again.

i came upon this's about dreams. do you remember lego's?

happy day....

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