Friday, February 12, 2010

gold, silver, bronze

tonight begins the 2010 winter olympics. the beginning of a journey that will change the lives of many. a time athletes have been spending the past years training for....for one moment to prove to themselves they have what it takes to be the best of the best. to rise above all else.

does it give you goose bumps to watch the pomp and circumstance? to see the nations parade in to the arena? to share in their excitement and awe? to wish for a minute that maybe it was you there in that moment?

what a dream. what an accomplishment. to have worked so hard. the sweat. the tears. the sacrifice. the doubt. the courage. what will these next weeks bring? what stories will unfold? will you watch?

there has already been one tragic story during a training run on the icy luge course. unbelievable. of a life lost. my heart is full of grief and sadness for this man of the luge. i pray peace for his family and fellow athletes.

but the games will go on in the spirit they always have. and i will cheer on everyone. because i think that's what the games represent.

happy day.....

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