Sunday, February 7, 2010

can't make me CAP

i decided it was my privilege to write however i wanted to using whatever punctuation, grammar, font, colors, etc., when i began this blog. in fact, at the beginning of 2010 i began sending emails the same way. no upper case, no caps, nothing, nada...i relaxed, got lax if you will. i just like the sound of my fingers pounding the keyboard without interruption and wanted to get lost in that. with no thought involved really. just constant movement; fluidity in motion with my fingers flying. a kind of poetry between me and my computer. i'm enjoying it, finding freedom from the shift key, allowing my fingers to do their clickity-click of a dance of joy.

then my fingers skidded to a sudden halt when someone mentioned to me the other day that my software isn't capitalizing the "i's" properly in the blog. whoa! that gave me pause but just for a moment and i said, "well, no......ummm......that's me." "huh?" "see, it's like this," i said. and i went on to explain i don't want the i's in's on purpose. "really? why?" i asked, "does it matter?" "but what about proper grammar?" he replied.

here's the thing: at this point in my life can't it be up to me how proper i want my grammar to be? especially in my own blog? who cares? i followed all the rules in school; elementary school, jr high, high school, college as well as in my work life. now i want to do it my way....make up my own rules and play how i want to play. i'm entitled. will anybody really care? seems like such a simple thing, a little thing.

happy day....

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