Thursday, February 18, 2010

photo fun

i did not capture this picture on film so i cannot take credit for its beauty....darn it! for it is beautiful. when i saw it online, i was drawn to the colors and how saturated they were thinking... "jeez, i want to be able to take pictures like this."

i was surprised to find that it was taken using an iphone of all things! are you? and then was thrilled in the next moment because i remembered, hello! i have an iphone, too! whoo-hoo!

now i am not one to endorse particular products and do not want to encourage that on this site. nor do i want to encourage the purchase of any certain app for a particular product. far be it from me to proclaim that one brand, type, mega pixel, standard, byte, app, setting, whatever is better, best, expert, in the field than any other. i am no more qualified to make those kinds of statements than to tell you what kind of toothpaste to use or mayo to buy. are making a face because you've got your own opinion on those very two products now don't you?

but....the story is that there is an app for the iphone that is called
shakeitphoto and it takes pictures on your iphone like a polaroid, but is called a fauxlaroid. now i'd never heard of a 'fauxlaroid' but it didn't matter 'cuz i liked the pic so i had to have the app. it also didn't matter that the app was gonna cost me a tiny bit of money....i usually don't pay for apps since i'd like everything to be free. however, i figured the cost was very minimal and worth the chance. i'll let you know how it goes in upcoming posts by showing off some of my pictures, how's that?

by the way, this lovely pic was taken by the
sweet eventide .

happy day.....

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