Monday, March 1, 2010

oh my, pie

i love pie. i look for excuses to eat pie. big celebrations. small celebrations. milestones. birthdays. anniversaries. rain. snow. losing weight. gaining weight. a new outfit. new shoes. you name it, it's reason enough.

rumor has it, tomorrow - march 2 - is banana cream pie day! oh my! a perfect opportunity to eat pie. just look at this perfect specimen of pie will you. it's one of my absolute faves in the pie world. banana cream pie.

how can this be resisted? how can this be ignored? the creaminess of banana custard? the silkiness of whipped cream? plus the flakiness of the crust? i think i'm drooling.....excuse me while i figure out where to go get my perfect slice of heaven. ahhhhhh.....

happy day.....

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