Friday, March 5, 2010


this is marley. he leads a very tough life. he lives in a nice house. he has unlimited amounts of food and water at his disposal every day. he has a playmate named gracie of whom he is very fond. he has human companions that he has trained to meet his every need. he has various kinds of toys. he has a myriad of sleeping venues scattered throughout the house.

marley's day consists of eating, sleeping, playing, sleeping and sleeping some more. he seems to enjoy this life very much.

lately, marley seems to have developed a habit i've not noticed before. even as i write this, he is sleeping next to me displaying this habit....maybe habit isn't quite the right word. it's something i didn't know cats did. it's sort of disturbing really. he's snoring! yes, that's right....snoring! loudly, too. like a train. i'm not kidding. it's as though a locomotive is going to come rumbling through the house at any moment.

is this normal for a cat? i've never in my history of having cats ever heard one of them snore before. this is a first. one for the record books for sure. if i knew how to do it, i would tape him and post it for you so you would know i'm not making it up. then you would hear the sheer volume of what's coming out of him.

the sweet news? his purr is just as loud as his snore.

happy day.....

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