Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a book to love

an author wrote a book in 1922. a book full of magic and playfulness that provided hope for readers of all ages. a book that was more of a parable really, about rebirth and the power of love; about friendship and learning to be yourself. a story which confronts some essential questions that we ask ourselves: who am i? do i have worth? what's life all about anyway? a book both comforting and inspiring.

the velveteen rabbit. have you read it? it is one of my most favorite of all books. no matter how old i get, i love to read it. over and over again. i never tire of it even though i know what happens. it's always as if i'm reading it for the very first time.

in fact if memory serves, i need to buy a new copy as the last one i had got too worn out. this is one of those books that i would relish having a first edition copy...can you imagine? how fabulous....what a dream that would be.

happy day.....

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