Wednesday, March 31, 2010


purple is my favorite color. since making that discovery, i have found that there are a myriad of things in our world that can be found in the glorious color. crayons.

a large bird with purple and gray/black feathers known as the purple heron....beautiful.

one of our country's military decorations, the purple heart, given for military merit - courage... the line of enemy fire.

eye make-up. the ability to contour your eye to look its best...dramatic, sharp, wowza!

food. who knew that food these days could be purple, but here it is...cauliflower. is it natural? organic? i don't know. but i do know that i love it's bright, bold color and in a salad it would look awesome.

shoes. glorious shoes. who doesn't love shoes? purple shoes? gotta have 'em. they will add that special pop of color to an outfit you've been wanting, admit it. when you're feeling blah, put these on and the world is suddenly all right or at least a little bit better don'tcha think? i do.

if you are feeling the need to shop, check out this purple store on line i found. it has all things purple, i kid you not.

flowers. everything is better with flowers. flowers of any color for sure but purple? come on. you couldn't pass this one by now could you? pop it in a little bud vase & smile away.

and finally, what better way to zip around than in a classy purple vehicle. isn't this one a dream? probably out of my budget but a girl needs to dream...

happy day.....

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