Monday, March 29, 2010


we all have them. the favorites. or favorite. the one that is used over and over again. we are shameless about it. if it's in the sink, we wash it out to use it again instead of taking a clean one out of the cupboard. if it's in the dishwasher, ditto. you know of what i speak. admit it. go ahead. you are not alone. i cannot be the only one. am i? sigh....

okay....i will admit it. i am a mug-a-holic. i tend to use the same mug all the time. yes, all the time. however i invest in new mugs, too. i see them. i think they're lovely, or different, unique, unusual, plain, bigger than ordinary, whatever....and want to have 'em. not because i will necessarily use them right away or even maybe ever. but....just because. isn't that good enough? and so i purchase them and into the cabinet they go.

so it was with this one.
isn't she a beauty? i saw it; loved the peace sign and the colors. although you can't tell, the inside is a very pretty orange which only added to it's loveliness for me. and it holds more than just an average cup. imagine having this greet you each morning. bliss....don't you think?

i have owned it now for almost 4 months. i have used it only twice. i like to tell myself i'm just keeping it in pristine condition but i know better. it will sit in my cupboard where i will see it when i open the door. i will admire it then. pick it up....perhaps caress it for a moment and then gently put it back down and close the door. i realize some may say this could be a sort of sickness. really? i don't know.

but i do wonder why i tend to resort back to using the same one or two over and over like an old pair of slippers. how the day will come when it will crack, or i'll drop it and it will shatter to be used no more, leaving me to break in one of the new ones that are patiently waiting behind cupboard doors.

happy day.....

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