Monday, March 22, 2010

collecting blood

so i recently spent some time in the hospital. as visits to the hospital go, this one was pretty decent. the hospital was relatively new, i had a private room - always a plus - the nursing staff seemed to have a desire to serve.

if you have not had the opportunity to at least stay overnight in a hospital, let me tell you it is not a place to go if you want to get rest. it is not like a hotel where you can simply check in to your room for the night, put on your p.j.'s, settle into bed and get a good night of sleep. oh no.

constantly you are being checked. blood pressure. blood oxygen level. temperature. meds. water. wound. questions. and then it starts all over. and if one has done it, be assured that at least 2 more will do it with you as well. just to be sure.

but the one thing i noticed this time around was that the collection of my blood only happened at 4:00 a.m. every day. no earlier. no later. they were precise. like clockwork. why? was my blood fabulous at that time of the morning? did they do a better job collecting the blood of patients at that time of the day? was it the ability of creeping up on patients "in the middle of the night" aspect they enjoyed? the vampire effect? got me.

but every day i was there, a different person arrived in my room; did their job quietly and without complaint, turning off the light when they were done to leave my room and were gone.

happy day.....

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