Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hunting clover

did you ever go on the hunt as a child? looking endlessly in a sea of green? running around thinking you'd found it? screaming with joy only to be disappointed. then going on the search again but coming up empty handed.

finding them is elusive. difficult. frustrating. rare. i never managed it. but i always delighted in the possibility. the hope that maybe one day i would capture the dream....

even now as an adult i am still fascinated with the four leaf clover. they are a pretty plant; their shape flattering in the way the leaves fold up together around each other in a sort of protective fashion. there is something mystical about them. something magical. do you see it? do you agree?

symbolically; one leaf represents hope, one for faith, one for love and one, of course, for luck or good fortune.

have you found your four leaf clover? experienced the thrill? that magical moment?

happy day.....

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