Saturday, March 6, 2010

bubble wrap

the sweet sound of bubble wrap. have you played with it? admit it. go ahead. it's okay. at some point we all have. the melody of the pop, pop, pop. somehow it brings out the kid in me. i pop 'em slow. i pop 'em fast. but i can never bring myself to pop every single one of them.

i try to entertain the kitties but always end up scaring them....and then giggle even though it's not really funny. but... it really is if you know what i mean.

i'm fascinated by the honeycomb design. the way that some rolls are very big but then some are teeny tiny.

then i came across this neat website for virtually popping bubble wrap. you can get timed; put it into a manic mode, too, to go faster all the while hearing the sound of popping. be forewarned though, it could quite easily become's mindless fun.

happy day.....

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with laughing at your cats when they are "fraidy"! I use to wait to pick up baby Kate when she cried just to look at her pout!