Tuesday, June 1, 2010

toe pleasures

summer time means shorts, tee shirts, flirty dresses, skirts, peep toe shoes, sandals and flip flops. it also means going bare foot and exposing your toes for the whole world to see.

time to take care of those little digits that have been hiding in shoes and socks and hose and tights all winter long! yikes!

pedicure here i come. soaking in bubbles and salts, soothing creams, minty rubs, exfoliating lotions and oils. bring it all on. whatever it takes to make my feet smooth and supple i will endure. filing, poking, primping, picking, clipping, snipping, buffing, painting, shining. it's all worth it.

the colors that are now available are stupendous. i've worn everything from "champagne toast" to "i'm not really a waitress" to "grunge" to this one below, "silver purple." how fun is that?

doesn't it give you an urge to take care of your toes this summer? have a little fun with color?

go... go now... what are you waiting for?

happy day.....

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