Friday, June 25, 2010

carving watermelon

on a hot summer night, what sounds good? watermelon! yummy, juicy, running down your mouth, sweet as can be watermelon. love it!

the other thing i love about watermelon is the fabulous things that can be done with it. you can spit watermelon seeds. remember doing that as a kid? we used to have contests to see who could spit the farthest. you can put salt on it to make it sweeter. you can mix it with other melons. you can freeze it, add mint to it, put it in drinks. i'm salivating just writing about it.

during summer breaks from college, i used to be a salad girl and we'd make all kinds of interesting containers out of melons. i always thought that was fun. but i never had near the talent demonstrated here. this is the serious stuff... watch through to the end. you won't be disappointed.

happy day.....

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