Saturday, June 5, 2010

40 years

meet greg & denyse. they have been married 40 years today! isn't that truly amazing? how many couples do you know who have been married that long? it is a testament to their love for each other and their enduring commitment to service for the lord that has kept them together. they have a wonderful family of two daughters, one son and 9 far.

but their "family" is much larger than that. it has grown around the world with the missionary work they have devoted their lives to and the connections with all the various people they have touched over the years. and it continues to this day. they are a extraordinary and remarkable couple. to know them is a blessing for they have enriched many lives during their 40 years together.

in all they do, they set a wonderfully refreshing example: how to serve, how to communicate, how to interact, how to live with integrity, how to pray with strength and conviction, how to walk in the word, and how to do it all by being real, humble and personable at the same time.

i am honored to call them friends and be able to tell you about them today. i pray that all of you can have friends like them in your lives, too.

happy anniversary greg & denyse... hugs & love!

happy day.....

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